Q: What is the extra strap used for on the Maternity Belt?
A: The extra strap helps position the belt and secure the tummy correctly. When the strap is tightened across the belly, it puts pressure on the top of the belly to alleviate pressure in the lower abdomen.
TIP: For an extra sense of security, lightly stretch the tummy strap over and attach it to the hook and loop closure on the opposite side. You can also use the strap to help hold the back support up while you are positioning it.
Q: How do I comfortably position the Postpartum Belt?
A: Position the belly pad directly in the middle between your waist and hip. Measure your waist according to our size chart for correct sizing. 
Q: Are the belts discreet under clothing? Will they rub on my skin?
A: The black belts can be worn externally over a black shirt or camisole to look more discreet. In general, we recommend wearing the belts over clothing to avoid any material rubbing or irritation.
Q: Are the belts easy to put on and take off?
A: Very! The belts feature a simple Velcro closure, making them easy to put on and take off.
Q: Will I need to order different sizes when my belly changes?
A: Both belts are very adjustable, so you should be able to simply adjust with belly size. If you notice a drastic sizing difference, you may want to purchase a second size for ultimate fit.
Q: How accurate is sizing?
A: If you are between sizes, always remember to size up. For the Postpartum Belt, there will be unpredictable growth at the end of the pregnancy. If your size is tried and true, stick with your actual size. The belt is very adjustable.
Q: Are Loving Comfort products made in the USA?
A: Yes! All Loving Comfort products are made in the USA.
Q: What are the belt materials made of?
A: Latex-free, whisper soft elastic and Velcro.